The Bookshelf

As salaam alaykum wa rahmatullah Brothers and Sisters;

We are pleased to announce that has developed this section we are calling “The Bookshelf”. The purpose of the Bookshelf is to make free public domain books and mp3 recordings available for download. Each month we’ll plan to post a number of items on the Bookshelf from books regarding Islam in general, Tawheed, the Authentic Sunnah and e-books developed by, in sha’Allah. We also plan to post books on business, education, wellness and personal development. We have access to a number of books and mp3 recordings on various subjects that fall under the category of Beneficial Knowledge and if there are other public domain books and mp3’s you want to read and listen to, please contact us.

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Content in this Section:

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Barakallahu Feekum,

Zaid Adib Ansari,
Founder of