Website Relaunch

Brothers and Sisters,

I am very pleased to present the new design of the Balanced Middle Path site. Our direction to provide resources shaped by our commitment to the authentic Sunnah remains unchanged. We plan to expand resources for educational aspirations by including more resources for home schooling and learning Arabic online. This approach should make subscriber input on our Educational Forum meaningful and useful, Insha’Allah. We will also continue to provide information about grants and scholarships.

In addition to the services and resources we provided last year, we look forward to launching “The Balanced Middle Path Academy” this year. This site will be devoted exclusively to offer classes and instruction in areas of personal development, emotional intelligence and other skills that will lead to certificates. Our intent is that these certificates can be used to secure employment or give the student the personal satisfaction of achieving one’s goals, Insha’Allah.

Our new design is also suited to presenting more essays and discussions about issues related to personal development, skill enhancement, and networking with Muslims who are striving to implement the authentic Sunnah.

Our podcasts this year will be audio and video. We also plan to expand our podcasts to include guest speakers Insha’Allah.

YouTube Preview Image